New species of ostrich-imitating dinosaurs found in Japan

New species of ostrich-imitating dinosaurs discovered in Japan

Paleontologists from Fukui Prefectural College and the Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum have added one other species of theropod dinosaur to their prehistoric catalogue.

Reconstructing the life of Tyrannomimimus fukuiensis.  Image credit: Sci.News/Sino-Pteryx.

Rebuilding life Tyrannomemus Fukui. Picture credit score: Sci.Information/Sino-Pteryx.

The newly found species lived in what’s now Japan throughout the suitable period of the Early Cretaceous, between 121 and 113 million years in the past.

Dubbed Tyrannomemus FukuiThis species belongs to the dinosaur household Ornithomimosauria.

Ornithomimosaurs first appeared within the Early Cretaceous and persevered till the Late Cretaceous.

they He was Quick-running, carnivorous/herbivorous theropod dinosaurs the dimensions of an ostrich.

They have been virtually all toothless, and their jaws have been apparently lined with attractive beaks; Additionally they had very lengthy legs and arms.

Their fossils are a favour From Laurasia (now Asia, Europe and North America), in addition to Africa and probably Australia.

“Ornithomimosauria consists of ostrich-mimicking dinosaurs, most of which exhibit operating (operating) diversifications, and which regularly show traits indicative of herbivores,” lead writer Dr. Suki Hattori The colleagues wrote of their paper.

“Latest discoveries have significantly improved our information of their evolutionary historical past, together with variation in… Ornithomimiidae And Deinoceridians Within the Early Cretaceous, however the early a part of their historical past has remained a thriller as a result of their fossil stays are uncommon in Aptian-Albian deposits.

Kind and specimens indicated Tyrannomemus Fukui They have been present in Kitadani’s dinosaur quarry Kitadani Formation Within the northern a part of Katsuyama, Fukui, central Japan.

The specimens embrace two elements of the mind, a number of vertebrae and bone fragments.

“In recent times, a number of remoted ornithomimosaur stays have been recovered from the Aptian Kitadani Formation,” the paleontologists wrote.

“These stays characterize a number of people that share some morphological options frequent to them however unknown in different ornithomyosaurs, suggesting a monospecific accumulation of a brand new species.”

“Because of the phylogenetic description and evaluation, the Kitadani dinosaur Ornithomimosaurus was found as a brand new genus and species Tyrannomemus Fukui“.

Resulting from their similarity Tyrannomemus Fukui, Jurassic aviation – a species of dinosaur as soon as thought of an early dinosaur – might characterize the oldest ornithomyosaur from late Jurassic Europe, significantly increasing the vary of ornithomyosauria.

“This discovery fills in a ghostly 20-million-year-old lineage of Ornithomimosauria, demonstrating the existence of the oldest fossil report of Ornithomimosauria.” Maniraptora “From the Center Jurassic and is per the speculation that its biogeographic vary was widespread earlier than the break-up of the Pangean within the Kimmeridgian, between 155 and 149 million years in the past,” the researchers wrote.

the group a job It was revealed within the September 7, 2023 concern of the journal Scientific reviews.


S. Hattori et al. 2023. New theropod dinosaur from Decrease Cretaceous Japan gives essential traces of early evolution of ornithomyosaurs. Science consultant 13, 13842; doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-40804-3



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