New analysis offers further clues concerning the nature of darkish matter

Dark photons are hypothetical dark sector particles. Image credit: University of Adelaide.

The important thing to understanding the key of elusive darkish matter might lie at midnight photon, a hypothetical particle from the darkish sector that’s proposed as a drive provider just like an electromagnetic photon.

Dark photons are hypothetical dark sector particles.  Image credit: University of Adelaide.

Darkish photons are hypothetical darkish sector particles. Picture credit score: College of Adelaide.

“Darkish matter makes up 84% of the matter within the universe, however we all know little or no about it,” stated Anthony Thomas, a professor on the College of Adelaide and co-author of the paper. paper Revealed in Journal of Excessive Power Physics.

“The existence of darkish matter has been firmly established by means of its gravitational interactions, but its exact nature nonetheless eludes us regardless of the tireless efforts of physicists all over the world.”

“The important thing to understanding this thriller might lie at midnight photon, an enormous theoretical particle that will function a gateway between the darkish sector of particles and unusual matter.”

Unusual matter, which makes up us and our bodily world, is far much less plentiful than darkish matter: there may be 5 occasions extra darkish matter than unusual matter.

Discovering extra about darkish matter is without doubt one of the largest challenges dealing with physicists all over the world.

The darkish photon is a hypothetical hidden sector particle, proposed as a drive provider just like the electromagnetic photon however possible associated to darkish matter.

Testing current theories about darkish matter is one method taken by Professor Thomas and his colleagues Jefferson Lab Angular Momentum (JAM) collaboration. We’re looking for extra proof about this elusive however crucial substance.

“In our newest examine, we investigated the potential results {that a} darkish photon might have on the total vary of experimental outcomes generated by the method of deep inelastic scattering,” Professor Thomas stated.

Analyzing the byproducts of collisions of particles accelerated to extraordinarily excessive energies provides scientists a very good clue to the construction of the subatomic world and the legal guidelines of nature that govern it.

In particle physics, deep inelastic scattering is the identify given to a course of used to probe the inside of hadrons (significantly baryons, reminiscent of protons and neutrons), utilizing electrons, muons and neutrinos.

“We took benefit of the superior JAM half distribution operate international evaluation framework and modified the elemental concept to permit for the potential for a darkish photon,” Professor Thomas stated.

“Our work reveals that the darkish photon speculation is preferable to the Commonplace Mannequin speculation at 6.5 sigma, which constitutes proof for the invention of particles.”


N. T. Hunt Smith et al. World QCD evaluation and darkish photons. Journal of Excessive Power Physics 2023 (096); Two: 10.1007/JHEP09(2023)096



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